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Recurring Gifts

Now your support for St. Sebastian’s can be automatic. Our recurring gift program allows you to make a significant annual contribution through smaller monthly installments. It’s simple, secure and environmentally friendly.

How it works:

  • Using the online form below, set up your recurring gift to establish how much you would like to donate each month
  • We will charge your gift to your credit card on the 15th of every month
  • We will send you an email each month confirming the charge
  • You will receive an annual tax receipt summarizing your gifts
  • Stop or adjust your gift at any time or notify us of credit card changes by calling 781-247-0120


Benefits of Recurring Giving:

  • Recurring gifts are convenient and easy.
  • Monthly Giving allows you to make a big impact that works with your budget by dividing your annual gift into more manageable increments
  • Recurring giving is paperless and cost-effective, meaning your money will support students without delay.
  • Recurring gifts provide the Annual Fund with a reliable source of income

If you have any questions about recurring gifts, please contact Julie Duddy at or 781-247-0107.



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