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Student Publications

St. Sebastian’s has always held a strong commitment to teaching our students how to express themselves through the written word. Our six student publications, including a an academic journal, a literary magazine and two school newspapers, provide boys with the opportunity to hone their writing skills outside of the classroom. From articles and poems to essays, these publications give each student an outlet to develop his writing voice.

The Arrow Yearbook

The St. Sebastian’s yearbook, known as The Arrow, is a student-led publication. The students in the Yearbook Club plan and produce the yearbook, giving them the opportunity to develop expertise in writing photography layout and design.

The Dart

This newspaper is produced by 7th and 8th grade students three times a year. The publication covers everything from debate tournaments and middle school sports to book and movie reviews. Cartoonists and photographers also have the opportunity to showcase their talents.

Freshman Voices

This anthology of Freshman Writing serves as the capstone to our required Freshman Writing course. Students learn to express themselves in poetry as well as prose, and they develop critical and expository essays as well as narrative fiction.

The Quiver

The Quiver is a literary and artistic magazine organized by students and faculty members of St. Sebastian’s School. The publication is produced annually and contains poems, creative essays, short stories, photography and art produced by students. Though the publication is led by members of the St. Sebastian’s community, entry is open to any high school student, with submissions received from across the country. The goal of the magazine is to showcase students’ literary and artistic talents, as well as encourage and celebrate creativity.

More Information

St. Sebastian's Journal

This academic journal is published twice a year and is a compilation of outstanding academic essays written by students in grades 9 through 12.A group of editors, ordinarily seniors and juniors, oversee the content and editing of The Journal in order to provide all members of the St. Sebastian’s community a window into the academic writing of our most thoughtful students.

The Walrus

Every student ever to graduate from St. Sebastian’s has picked up a copy of The Walrus and scanned its pages. The first issue of the school newspaper was published in February 1945, just months before the first senior class was set to graduate, and remains a valued tradition at St. Sebastian’s today. The student-run paper is published seven times a year and includes an array of articles, from school sports recaps and drama production reviews to world and pop culture news.

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