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Drone photo of St. Sebastian's campus
Students cheer at a game.
The Arrows Spirit

St. Sebastian's is known for its school spirit. Everyone is rooting for each other, whether it's at a sporting event or a play.

Students in robotics
A Well-Rounded Education

After the school day ends, students pursue their passions and develop new interests through a broad range of clubs and activities.

Once In, Never Out

The sense of brotherhood, the bonds formed with faculty, and the friendships created among parents continue long after graduation day.

Student life

When students describe their experience at St. Sebastian’s they use the words brotherhood and family—and they use them with sincerity and conviction. Student life at St. Sebastian’s, therefore, is not defined by individual pursuits and experiences. It is better understood as the shared honoring of the many skills, interests, blessings, and accomplishments of our students.


The Arrows spirit touches every aspect of student life, from the people to the events and activities that take place on campus.




Becoming an Arrow was the best decision I ever made. St. Sebastian’s has helped me push myself as a student, and I have become more social than I ever was before.

- Diego Fuentes ’28