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Our Community

Community is the word that tends to come to mind when people think of St. Sebastian’s. In Latin, it literally means “gift together,” or in other words, “giving to each other.” This one simple word represents the sense of brotherhood, the bonds formed with faculty, the friendships created among parents, and so much more.

Members from each area of our community share what makes this School so special. The power of our community—and its lasting impact—is evident in their reflections:

"The time and devotion given to each and every student by any teacher are incredible to say the least."

- Gabriel Twohig '21
"You don’t have just one group of friends here at Seb’s - everybody loves each other here."

“I’m very proud to have two grandsons and my five sons go to the same school I did. Although many things were different for my sons and grandsons, some things stayed the same, from the dedication of the faculty to the deep friendships made, and the feeling of community."

- Andy McAuliffe ’48, P’75,’78,’79,’81,’86, GP’15,’16
"St. Sebastian's is more than a school or a community. It is a family that is here to love you, to be there for you when you're in need, and to encourage you to be the best person you can be."

"Both in the classrooms and on the fields, teachers and coaches set the example for how to succeed intellectually and academically, and provided the kind of mentorship that is rare to find.”

- Andrei Doohovskoy ’00
"This is the best school in the whole world. St. Sebastian’s became our sons’ second home and their friends were like extra members of the family; our two daughters felt the same way."

- Kathy Kennedy P’93,’98
"We watched all three of our sons grow in body, mind and spirit. This place partners with you to help you raise your kids.”

- Bill Supple P’09,’10,’15
"Once in. Never out. It's resoundingly true. Arrows are always coming back as though they never left."

"You don’t have to come from the Catholic tradition to be moved by the mission. Regardless of one’s religious beliefs, there is an inclusivity of community.”