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Health & Wellness

Your son's physical and emotional health, safety and well-being are our top priorities. With this in mind, there are many ways in which we take care of our students. From providing healthy lunch options, and athletic training services, to counseling and health education, your son's health is of utmost importance.

Health Office

During the School year, the Director of Health Services, a Registered Nurse, is on campus every week day from 7:30am to 3:30pm dedicated to students who are in need of temporary health care, first aid, or medication administration. Located in the academic building, the Health Office is situated across from the school’s Main Office. This convenient location enables the Director to get to know the students, and provides easy access to health care services.

Nutritional Services

The Health Office coordinates closely with the Dining Services Staff to support a healthy food services program. Sage Dining is dedicated to allergy awareness and reaction prevention, and caters to the specific dietary needs of our students.

Health Education

Health Education promotes healthy behaviors, and encourages conversation about issues and ideas important to students’ social and emotional development. The curriculum of each course is tailored to help students at various grade levels manage the emotional, academic, and social challenges of adolescence. Our faculty also participates in health education and trainings to promote a healthy environment for the School community.


The Director of Health Services works in close collaboration with our consulting Psychologist Dr. Dale Dillavou. Dr. Dillavou provides direct support and interventions to students, consults with teachers, and families, to improve support strategies, and to coordinate needed services.

Athletics Trainers

St. Sebastian’s has two certified Athletic Trainers on staff responsible for the athletic care of all of our athletes, covering every practice and game for all of our teams. The athletic trainers provide evaluations of injuries to athletes to determine safe participation status, preventative taping and bracing methods, and in-school rehabilitation to any athlete with an injury.

Health Office Contact

Jennifer Joyce

Jennifer Joyce

Director of Health Services