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Clubs & Activities

St. Sebastian’s broad range of clubs provides students with the opportunity to discover and develop their special interests and talents. Whether behind the debate podium, or as a member of a musical performance, each boy grows in self-confidence and self-reliance as he finds the best in himself. Being part of a club also helps students develop an appreciation for the value of belonging to and participating in something larger than themselves.

St. Sebastian’s encourages students to participate in clubs, as well as sports, building time into the weekly schedule so that boys are able to pursue both. Athletic events, play practices, music rehearsals, student council programs, and other activities are, whenever possible, scheduled not to conflict. Students are often members of multiple clubs, and new organizations develop as student interests warrant.

The Arrow Yearbook

The St. Sebastian’s yearbook, known as The Arrow, is a student-led publication. The students in the Yearbook Club plan and produce the yearbook, giving them the opportunity to develop expertise in writing photography layout and design.

Arrowheads (a cappella group)

St. Sebastian’s a capella group, the Arrowheads, is often heard singing at sporting events, holiday festivities, and school concerts. The group sings many different styles of music from Motown favorites to modern day Pop.

Art Club

Art Club meets in the art studios, allowing students to work on paintings, sketches, sculpture, and other artistic endeavors. The club also works on sets for St. Sebastian’s plays and does artwork for other school functions.

Chess Club

Students play chess in a structured format, and are encouraged to participate in regular matches with other schools.

Communications Club

The Communications Club is responsible for producing live morning and afternoon T.V. announcements. The club videotapes all varsity sports competitions, school plays, and other School activities.

The Dart (7th & 8th grade newspaper)

This newspaper is produced by 7th and 8th grade students three times a year. The publication covers everything from debate tournaments and middle school sports to book and movie reviews. Cartoonists and photographers also have the opportunity to showcase their talents.

Debate Team

The Debate Team debates other independent schools and hosts a debate tournament each February. Open to 9th-12th graders.

Drama Club

The Drama Club mounts three productions a year: in the fall a full-length musical, drama or comedy. The winter show, often student-written and/or directed, travels to the Massachusetts High School Drama Festival. In May, the Fine Arts Department presents "The Spring Revue", a joint production of the Music and Drama Clubs comprising performances of various bands as well as comedy skits.

Finance Academy

The mission of the St. Sebastian’s Finance Academy is to expose interested students in grades 9-12 to the general principles of finance, investment analysis, economics, and potential career paths related to finance.

Freshman Voices

This anthology of Freshman Writing serves as the capstone to our required Freshman Writing course. Students learn to express themselves in poetry as well as prose, and they develop critical and expository essays as well as narrative fiction.

Harvard Model Congress

Harvard Model Congress is the largest government simulation program in the United States. Each student at the conference assumes the role and political positions of a different member of the executive and legislative branches of the federal government. St. Sebastian's sends students to this annual 4-day event held in Boston every year.

International Club

The International Club allows students in grades 9-12 to explore foreign cultures through a variety of experiences such as field trips to museums, movies and plays, in-school cultural presentations by guest speakers, and more. Fundraising projects are held to aid international disaster areas and to support a foster child.

Jazz Pop Ensemble

As the School’s premiere instrumental and vocal soloist ensemble, the Jazz Pop Ensemble performs throughout the year at three school events. The group performs in many styles. The winter season provides time to work on classic big band arrangements and popular songs. During the winter, the group prepares to perform at one of our annual semi-formal dances and in doing so, becomes a dance band playing songs from the 1960s through today. Performing at a dance is a favorite tradition for the group and the School community. Rehearsals for the Jazz Pop Ensemble typically occur twice per week.

Latin Club

This club is for students in grades 9-12 who want to further their understanding of ancient culture. Students participate in a two-day Latin trivia session; the winners proceed to a larger scale Latin trivia event at the College of the Holy Cross where many other schools also compete

Liturgical Ministries

The Liturgical Ministries at St. Sebastian’s reflects a service to the school community unlike any other club. The ministries are composed of Altar Servers (for daily and monthly masses), Readers (Lectors), Eucharistic Ministers (Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion), the Schola (Liturgical Choir) and Mass Ensemble (Instrumentalists). This program involves both adults and students in the St. Sebastian’s community, working side by side for the greater glory of God. Membership is open to all students in grades 7-12.

Math Club (7th & 8th Grades)

Open to all seventh and eighth grade students, the Math Club meets each week to challenge interested students with advanced mathematical problems and puzzles.

Math Team

Open to all students in grades 9-12, The Math Team competes in contests that are associated with the New England Mathematics League. There are six competitions per year; occasionally, students also compete in the American High School Mathematics Exam that is held once a year.

Men with Positive Attitudes (MPA)

MPA exists for the purpose of exploring and continuing traditions of social and cultural exchange with particular attention focused on communities of color. The group remains faithful to the St. Sebastian’s ideals of social service and charity. MPA educates its members, and the whole School, regarding a variety of racial, cultural and religious issues as they affect individuals and the entire School community.

Moot Court

Moot Court is a mock trial competition sponsored by the History Department and held every spring for the last nine years. Sixteen 2 person teams argue famous Supreme Court decisions culminating in a final trial conducted over the years by Federal District Court Judges, Massachusetts Superior Court Judges and Boston Municipal Court Judges.

Neuroscience Club

Moderated by Science Department faculty, the Neuroscience Club provides students with the opportunity to explore this exciting field and to compete annually at MIT.

The Quiver (literary & artistic magazine)

The Quiver is a literary and artistic magazine organized by students and faculty members of St. Sebastian’s School. The publication is produced annually and contains poems, creative essays, short stories, photography and art produced by students. Though the publication is led by members of the St. Sebastian’s community, entry is open to any high school student, with submissions received from across the country. The goal of the magazine is to showcase students’ literary and artistic talents, as well as encourage and celebrate creativity.

Robotics Club

Students in grades 7-12 work as members of a competitive team to design and develop a working robot to accomplish a given set of tasks through unstructured problem solving.

Rock Band

On Monday afternoons in the music room, you will often hear students working on their inner rock star as a member of the School’s Rock Band. This group performs twice per year at our Christmas Program and Spring Revue Concert.

Spanish Conversation Club

The Spanish Conversation Club meets weekly for students in level 2 or above who wish to practice their listening and speaking through informal conversation with teachers and peers in a relaxed environment. Conversation topics range from simple discussions about weekend plans to cultural and political debates, depending on the proficiency level of the members in attendance. Additionally, the club will also play board games, such as Scrabble, and show movies popular within Latin American and Spanish cinema.

St. Sebastian's Journal

This academic journal is published twice a year and is a compilation of outstanding academic essays written by students in grades 9 through 12.A group of editors, ordinarily seniors and juniors, oversee the content and editing of The Journal in order to provide all members of the St. Sebastian’s community a window into the academic writing of our most thoughtful students.

Student Council

Comprised of 16 students who are elected to office, the Student Council members organize activities and fundraisers, and are available to assist at parent and school functions. The members work to bring ideas from the student body back to the Student Council and from the Student Council to the student.

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)

SADD is a peer leadership organization dedicated to positive peer pressure, role modeling, and strategies that empower young people. Our mission is to provide students with the best prevention and intervention tools possible, to deal with issues concerning healthy vs. destructive decisions.

The Walrus (School newspaper)

Every student ever to graduate from St. Sebastian’s has picked up a copy of The Walrus and scanned its pages. The first issue of the school newspaper was published in February 1945, just months before the first senior class was set to graduate, and remains a valued tradition at St. Sebastian’s today. The student-run paper is published seven times a year and includes an array of articles, from school sports recaps and drama production reviews to world and pop culture news.

Ultimate Frisbee

Utimate Frisbee is a club sport that is open to all grades. In addition to learning the skills and strategies for the sport of Ultimate, the team competes in interscholastic matches and tournaments throughout the spring season.