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Integral to the School’s mission, the Service Program enables us to put our faith in action. By engaging directly with the people they serve, students understand the Gospel’s truth that to love God, one must love his neighbor, particularly neighbors most in need.

The Service Program is required of all students throughout the calendar year. Students’ work has included tutoring and mentoring inner city youth, coordinating clothing and food drives, serving at food pantries, helping run programs for senior citizens, and assisting both children and adults with physical and mental disabilities.

Senior Service Program

Beginning in mid-April, each senior is required to commit a significant number of hours to service in the community. The work done at the placement site must involve consistent one-on-one contact. Through weekly discussion groups, seniors are required to reflect upon the meaning of their experience, and to articulate those reflections in an oral presentation. At the conclusion of their service period, the entire senior class gathers in the Chapel to share their stories with one another and with the faculty. This morning of oral presentation often ranks among each senior’s finest hours.

The service program has been enhanced by a grant from the Edward E. Ford Foundation.

Our Mission In Action