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Parent Involvement

St. Sebastian’s is a family affair, with parents actively involved in supporting the School and its ideals. Through a host of events and initiatives, our two parent organizations – the Guild of St. Irene and the Men’s Association – contribute to the success of our vibrant school community.

Guild of St. Irene

The Guild of St. Irene - St. Sebastian's mothers' association - was formally organized in 1949 to honor the role of St. Irene, who befriended St. Sebastian when he was wounded by the archers of the Emperor Diocletian. The Guild works for the enhancement of St. Sebastian’s School through social, fundraising, and volunteer activities. Highlights include the Christmas Auction & Dinner, Valentine’s Social and the Closing Dinner & Fashion Show.

We encourage all St. Sebastian's mothers to join and become active participants! Being a Guild member is a great way to meet other mothers, make friends, and learn more about your son’s school.

For more information about the Guild of St. Irene, including a calendar of upcoming events, Guild communications, and contacts, please log into the Parent Portal and click on the Guild of St. Irene page.

Men’s Association

The purpose of The Men's Association at St. Sebastian's School is simple: to help plan and support non-academic events designed to promote School spirit, allow for time with our sons, and to generate funds earmarked for the direct benefit of the students. To this end, the Association continues to work closely with the School's Administration and the Guild of St. Irene.

The Men's Association is a strong network within the St. Sebastian's Community. The Association continues to lend valuable support to many of the School's events including: the Headmaster Scholarship Golf Tournament each spring which generates much appreciated funds for St. Sebastian's; manning the grills at Homecoming; and participating in a day of community service with their sons at the Chop-a-Thon to benefit the Pine Street Inn.

For more information about the Men’s Association, please log into the Parent Portal and click on the Men’s Association page.

Guests at the Reception.
Arrows cut produce at the Chop-A-Thon