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Get the latest news, events and important info from St. Sebastian’s all in one place.

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If you already have the previous version of the app on your phone, the app will update to the new version based on the preferences on your phone. You DO NOT need to download the app again. 

The St. Sebastian’s School app provides parents with useful information all in one place, conveniently accessed and formatted specifically for consumption on their mobile devices.

The app includes:

  • School News & Updates
  • School Calendar
  • Athletic Schedule
  • School Directory
  • Links to social media channels

PLEASE NOTE: The new version of our app is still undergoing some improvements. If you encounter any bugs or issues, please let us know at

The information presented in the Finalsite app is drawn from the same source as the St. Sebastian’s School website. Privacy controls restrict sensitive information only to authorized users.


In order to access certain features, parents must log in to the app first using your login credentials for the Parent Portal on our website. You only have to do this once and the app will save your preferences, allowing you to access the Parent and Student Directories and filter athletics by team and the calendar by event type.