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Teacher-Coach Model

Coach white gives direction to player
Adam White teaches English class

At every level and in every season, St. Sebastian’s interscholastic teams are coached by dedicated and talented members of our faculty. A student may be learning Shakespeare in the morning from the same teacher who is leading basketball drills in the afternoon. As a result, students experience the athletic field as an extension of the classroom, where they can be challenged and taught the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and dedication.

St. Sebastian’s takes great pride in its commitment to the teacher-coach model. Each student is known and loved by his teachers, and those connections grow even deeper as coaches and players work together to achieve a common goal. These connections serve the boys well, inspiring them to strive for excellence in the classroom and on the field.

By seeing the same man who leads us on the sports field also instruct us in the classroom, we as students are able to become much closer to our teachers while receiving constant encouragement from role models who embody everything that they teach us.

- Michael Calabro '16