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Strength and Conditioning Program

Coach Carr and Mr. Fitzgerald will once again be running the Summer Strength and Conditioning Program this summer. The program is designed to improve strength as well as condition athletes for their upcoming sports. All athletes are welcome. The first hour of each session will be spent working on such things as agility, plyometrics, form running, and much more. The second hour will be spent in the weight room lifting weights and outside doing conditioning. In the weight room we focus a lot of time on building strength and working on injury prevention. With the growing concern of concussions we will spend a lot of time on neck strength to help prevent head injuries.

The program will be broken into three different three-week sessions. This summer there will be two different time slots, 12–2 p.m. and 4–6 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Individual sessions will be $300 or the entire summer will be $800.

First Session: June 13 – June 30
This session the goal is to build up muscle endurance. Muscle endurance is vital in building strength and preventing injuries. We will start light and spend a lot of time teaching correct form.

Second Session: July 6th – July 26
This session focuses on muscle strength. This is when the reps begin to go down and the weight begins to increase. We will continue to focus on form and began to increase the amount of conditioning.

Third Session: July 27 – August 16
In the final session we want to see the greatest gains in the weight room as well in conditioning. These are the final weeks to get ready and hit the ground running in the fall.


For questions or to make changes to your time slots or registration, contact Mr. Fitzgerald at or 781-247-0126; or Coach Carr at or 781-247-0246.