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BC Hockey Coach Jerry York Meets with Arrows Captains

Boston College Hockey Coach Jerry York, along with his three captains, Marc McLaughlin, Jack McBain, and Patrick Giles, visited St. Sebastian's on the evening of September 29, thanks to Headmaster Bill Burke, who has been a longtime friend of Coach York. The four guests imparted their knowledge to Arrows captains from our varsity sports about leadership and team building. Coach York is college hockey’s all-time winningest coach with 1,091 career wins, and he explained that his success at BC is the result of how well he gets his players to function as a team. Captains McLaughlin, McBain and Giles shared their personal experience as to what it takes to be a captain both on and off the ice, answering numerous questions from the Arrows' captains.

Thanks to Coach York and his captains for making this special visit to St. Sebastian's!