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Slings & Arrows Players Present "Robin Hood"

The Slings & Arrows presented a performance of Robin Hood on Friday, November 1 and Saturday, November 2. It was a great success having the first theatrical performance in the new Video Classroom with its theater-style seating. Director Mark Rogers and the cast did a fantastic job of bringing the story of the heroic outlaw who stole from the rich and gave to the poor to life through the use of costumes, props, accents, lighting, sound and backgrounds.



Robin Hood: Jack Flynn ’22

Will Gamwell: Dan Ko ’21

Marian Harper: Brigid Ryan ’23 (Ursuline)

Riccon Hazel: Aidan Harrington ’21

The Sheriff Of Nottingham: Aidan Garrity ’20

The Bishop Of Hereford: Alessandro Barbiellini ’21

Hilton: Thomas Scordino ’22

King John: Cam Howell ’21

Little John: Patrick Wade ’21

Much: Max Samulka ’22

Arthur-A-Bland: Ryan Albertson ’22

Mag Scathelocke: Ryan DuFour ’21

Alan-A-Dale: Joey Santosuosso ’22

Ellen Deirwold: Chrissy Cadigan ’22 (Nobles)

Eadom: Paul White ’22

Queen Eleanor Of Aquitaine: Chrissy Cadigan

Friar Tuck: Aaron Pace ’21

The Abbot Of Kirklees: Nico Derrien ’20

Guy Of Gisbourne: Jack Hentschel ’22

King John’s Soldiers:

Peter Bachiochi ’25

Robert Craven ’23

Max Kalinichenko ’25

Matt Noone ’22

Cole Szeman ’22

Paul White ’22


Light and Sound:

Colin Lapus ’21

Liam Muldowney ’22

Nathan Piecyk ’20


Directed by Mark Rogers


Special thanks to...

Sally Campbell & Co., Peggy Albertson, Aileen Barbiellini Amidei, Maria Elena Derrien, Raffi De-Jesus, Ed Donovan, Patti DuFour, Maureen Flynn, Michael Fuller, Stacy Garrity, Laura Harrington, Lauren Hentschel, Cathy Dubois Howell, Carla Ko, Eric Ludwig, Daniela Muldowney, Michael Nerbonne, Sarah Noone, Jennifer O’Shea, Sheila Prince, Paul Rossini, Erin Byrnes Santosuosso, Stephanie Scordino, Meg Wade, Grace White, Alena Zalutskaya,