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Slings & Arrows Players Present "Great Expectations"

On Friday, November 2, and Saturday, November 3, The Slings & Arrows Players of St. Sebastian's School presented "Great Expectations," by Charles Dickens and adapted by Barbara Field. With a simple set featuring a dramatic spotlight on center stage and occasional drawings projected behind the actors, Director Mark Rogers and the cast did a wonderful job of bringing Dickens' story to life. Through their physical expressions and emotional delivery of lines, the actors conveyed the tale's twists and turns of poverty and wealth, rejection and love, while showcasing their British accents.


Pip, Tony Perez, '19
Magwitch, Cole Tremblay, '19
Compeyson, Michael Colgan, '20
Mrs. Joe, Molly, Brigid Ryan, Ursuline, '23
Joe Gargery, Michael Treseler, '20
Uncle Pumblechook, Patrick Wade, '21
Estella, Katie Randall, Montrose, '19
Miss Havisham, Nora Cahill, Montrose, '19
Jaggers, Nico Derrien, '20
Herbert Pocket, Cam Howell, '21
Wemmick, Alessandro Barbiellini, '21
Aged Parent, Daniel Ko, '21
Bentley Drummle, Aidan Harrington, '21
Biddy, Clara, Miss Skiffins, Amalia Karr, Ursuline, '23
Narrator, Soldier, Clergyman, Ryan Albertson, 22
Narrator, Lieutenant, Ryan Dufour, '22
Narrator, Soldier, Jack Faggiano, '23
Narrator, Officer, Jack Randall, '19
Narrator, A Pocket, Declan Gray, '21
Narrator, A Pocket, Paul White, '22
Narrator, Tailor, Colm Kearney, '21
Narrator, Boy, Matt Noone, '22
Narrator, Porter, TJ Ragnoni, '21
Narrator, A Pocket, Joseph Santosuosso, '22


Lights, Evan Prince, '20, Tom Flatley, '20, Cedrick Rene, '20, Wes Stanton, '20
Sound, Aidan Garrity, '20, Nathan Piecyk, '20
Power Point Operator, Nolan McGovern, '21
Videographer, Nolan Prince, '19
Power Point Creator, Courtney Bent
Director, Mark Rogers


Special Thanks To...

Sally Campbell & Co., Peggy Albertson, Aileen Barbiellini Amidei, Kaileen Colgan, Maria Elena Derrien, Raffi De-Jesus, Ed Donovan, Patti DuFour, Kelly Faggiano, Michael Fuller, Stacy Garrity, Ursula Gray, Laura Harrington, Eric Ludwig, Carla Ko, Yvonne Kearney, Michael Nerbonne, Sarah Noone, Norma & Guillermo Perez, Sheila Prince, Liz Ragnoni, Paul Rossini, Jean & John Ryan, Meg Wade, Courtney White, Grace White

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