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Drama Club Presents "12 Angry Men"

Drama Club Presents "12 Angry Men"

The Slings & Arrows Players, St. Sebastian's drama club, delivered a gripping performance of Twelve Angry Men in the West Campus theater on November 5 and 6. Adapted from the Reginald Rose Emmy award-winning television movie by Sherman Sergel, the play follows twelve jurors who are deciding on the fate of a 19-year-old man accused of fatally stabbing his father. What appears to be an open-and-shut case turns into a tense negotiating session, where tempers become short and arguments grow heated. Under the direction of Mark Rogers, the actors did an excellent job of portraying their characters as they deliberated the verdict. Congratulations to the entire cast and crew!


JUDGE - Voiceover by guest artist
GUARD - Peter Bachiochi '25
FOREMAN - Paul White '22
JUROR #2 - Ryan Albertson '22
JUROR #3 - Jack Hentschel '22
JUROR #4 - Jack Flynn '22
JUROR #5 - Ben Corbett '25
JUROR #6 - Ben Goffredo '24
JUROR #7 - Cole Szeman '22
JUROR #8 - Liam Burke '23
JUROR #9 - Joey Santosuosso '22
JUROR #10 - Robert Craven '23
JUROR #11 - Ethan Merithew '23
JUROR #12 - Matt Noone '22


Liam Muldowney '22, Joseph Sullivan '25, Josh Corbett '23, Raif Boit '24

Director: Mark Rogers

Special thanks to:

Sally Campbell & Co., Peggy & Sean Albertson, Father John Arens, Michaela Chapman, Narjis Corbett, Ed Donovan, Maureen Flynn, Michael Fuller, Amy & Christopher Goffredo, Lauren & Bob Hentschel, Eric Ludwig, Eric Merithew, Michael Nerbonne, Sarah Noone, Jennifer O’Neil, Paul Panetta, Paul Rossini, Brendan Sullivan