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Drama Club Performs “This is a Robbery”

Drama Club Performs “This is a Robbery”

On February 18 and 19, the St. Sebastian's Drama Club performed "This is a Robbery," this year's winter play. Written by seniors of the Drama Club and co-directed by Max Surprenant ’22 and Paul White ’22, the plot follows a group of art thieves and their scheme to steal a valuable painting. When they realize the painting they’ve stolen was meant to be auctioned off to raise money for charity, a sense of morality kicks in and the thieves develop a new plan to return the painting. However, Bruno, the mastermind of the whole operation, has plans of his own – but in the end, his “Conscience” wins.

The actors and the crew excelled under the guidance of faculty member Mark Rogers. The Slings and Arrows Players did a great job with this year's winter play and would like to thank all the students, parents, and faculty who have supported the drama club this year.

Congratulations to the cast and crew for a job well done!

Co-Directors - Max Surprenant ’22 and Paul White ’22

Conscience - Liam Burke ’23

Moe - Matthew Noone ’22

Bodyguard - Ethan Merithew ’23

Bruno - Jack Flynn ’22

Walter - Ryan Albertson ’22

Bob - Joey Santosuosso ’22

Rob - Cole Szeman ’22

Malcolm - Tom Scordino ’22

TIM - Kevin Wakakuwa ’22

Johnny - Ryan Sullivan ’27

Ms. Deborah - Matt Noone ’22

Jean Paul Pierre Gusteau “The Frenchman” - Peter Bachiochi ’25

Bouncer- Ben Corbett ’25

Auctioneer - Rob Craven ’23

Guard - Matthew Choumenkovitch ’23

Lights & Sound - Liam Muldowney ’22, Benedikt Ehrhardt ’25, Josh Corbett ’23