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Application Process

St. Sebastian's seeks to provide each prospective family ample opportunity to develop a genuine understanding of the School and its unique mission. Likewise, we hope to get to know each applicant and his family for their distinct gifts and qualities. Below is a breakdown of the Admissions process.

Please use this as a guide, but always feel free to call us at 781-247-0125 if you have any questions.

Request More Information

Please submit our Admissions Inquiry Form on our website or at a school fair to complete this step of the application process. You may also inquire via the Ravenna website (our online application provider) by "exploring" St. Sebastian's or beginning our application. Your inquiring allows us to notify you of upcoming events and send you a viewbook packet in the mail (September through February).

Attend our October and November Open Houses

Join us for our Open House and our Curriculum Night. Both events are optional but helpful.


Schedule a Personal Campus Tour and Interview

A personal interview is required of every candidate. The best time for a visit is while school is in session. During this 90-minute visit, applicants and their parent(s)/guardian(s) will enjoy a student-guided tour of campus and meet with an admissions officer. Applicants should also be prepared to compose a short writing sample. Tours are scheduled October to January. To schedule your tour, please call 781-247-0125.


Take a Standardized Test (ISEE or SSAT)

November to January:
Applicants to 7th and 8th grades should take the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE).
Applicants to 9th grade or higher should take the Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT).
Please designate St. Sebastian's School as a recipient of the official score.
ISEE Code: 221545
SSAT Code: 6934


Complete our Online Application

All applications should be completed and submitted online through by the February 1 deadline. Ravenna-hub is a web-based application for paperless submission of online applications. It allows applicants to manage and complete their applications as well as supplemental forms such as teacher recommendations, student essays and parent/guardian portions of the application. The application fee is $50.00. Please contact the admission office if you would like to request a fee waiver or a paper copy of our application.


Delegate Teacher and Personal Recommendations

All teacher and personal recommendations should be delegated between November 1 and January 1 and submitted before February 1 through Recommendation forms and instructions will be provided to teachers via email.


Apply for Financial Aid (optional)

Applicants applying for financial aid consideration should submit their online applications through by the February 1 deadline. See the Financial Aid page for more information.