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Affording St. Sebastian's

The two most important questions you will ask during your admissions search are likely "What is the best school fit for my son and my family?" and "Can we afford it?"

As a School that believes in the pursuit of truth through faith and reason, we want to help you answer these important questions. If St. Sebastian’s and its unique combination of academic rigor and spiritual depth is the right, most appropriate school environment for your son and your family, do not let the cost of tuition prevent you from pursuing it. St. Sebastian's makes a strong commitment to ensuring that no student is denied a place simply due to his family's financial means. Students are encouraged to apply for admission regardless of their family's ability to meet the full cost of attendance.

In all endeavors, our focus is firmly fixed on individual students and individual families. Fittingly, then, financial aid is determined by each family’s unique financial situation and need. Please reach out to us so that we can help you attain the most accurate, most helpful information for you and your sons.

Tuition for the 2019-20 academic year: $48,625
Daily lunch, provided to all students by the School, is included in the tuition fee.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do we apply for financial aid consideration?

Families must complete and submit the Parents' Financial Statement of the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) no later than February 1. Full instructions on completing the financial aid application are available on

What if we expect we will qualify for aid but we worry we will not be awarded enough?

Applying families are often pleasantly surprised to learn that they qualify for financial aid that allows them to comfortably consider St. Sebastian’s. Even before submitting an Admissions application, a family can determine their likely tuition obligation by contacting the Admissions Office directly and asking for a financial aid review.

What if we don’t think we will qualify for aid and we can’t afford the full tuition?

Applying families with significant income are often pleasantly surprised to learn that they qualify for financial aid that allows them to comfortably consider St. Sebastian’s. We encourage families to have a personal, confidential consultation with a Financial Aid Officer by calling 781-247-0112. Families can have this helpful conversation early in the admissions process, even before deciding to submit their admissions application.

What if our financial situation changes in the future?

Your family’s financial aid is determined each year, and it stays very consistent if your income and financial situation do not change. If they do happen to change, your financial aid changes with them to meet your new demonstrated need.

Can we make this commitment for all of my children?

When a sibling enters a tuition charging school or college, your total need qualifications are recalculated and your tuition obligations are adjusted accordingly. Our financial aid process works for an entire family, not just the oldest child. Please contact us directly for more information to help plan your children’s educations.