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Affording St. Sebastian’s

The two most important questions you will ask during your admissions search are likely "What is the right school for my son?" and "Can our family afford it?" 

We want to help you answer these important questions. If St. Sebastian’s and its combination of academic rigor and spiritual depth is the best school for your son, we encourage you to apply, regardless of your family's ability to meet the full cost of attendance. 

Everything we do at St. Sebastian’s is focused on individual students and families. Likewise, our need-based financial aid is determined by each family’s unique financial situation. Through a confidential consultation, you can learn what your family can expect to pay in tuition—before you even decide to visit campus or complete our admissions application 

One-on-One Financial Aid Consultations 

  1. Submit an application in Clarity (20-30 minutes) 
  2. Email us at to schedule a consultation phone call 
  3. Feel good about making the best school choice for your son and the financially responsible choice for your family.  
Tuition for the 2023-24 academic year: $58,200 

Athletics, extracurricular activities, and daily lunch are included in the tuition fee. 

Frequently Asked Questions:



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