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Summer Reading and Course Work

Below are the Summer Reading lists, Reading Guides, and required summer work for some Spanish and Math courses.

When you return in the fall, you will begin working with your summer reading immediately. Within the first several days of school, you will be required to take a test or write a paper on your assigned books and to discuss or write about them in class. Your teacher in each of your courses will determine the form of assessment, and your work with your summer reading will count as part of your first quarter grade.

Beginning May 7, 2024, summer reading books may be purchased at St. Sebastian's online academic bookstore:

All-School Read

Six Months to Live... by Arthur Boyle  
(ISBN: 9780824520205)

Summer Reading Guide


Spanish AP Language & Culture (4AP), Spanish AP Literature (5AP), and Spanish 6H students will receive their readings from Mr. Moore or Mrs. Goldstein.


There is Summer Review required for students entering the following courses. Note the second row contains the answer key which you are encouraged to use.

Algebra 2 or Algebra 2H | PreCalculus H or PreCalculus Accelerated | Trig/Stats | BC Calculus

Algebra 2 Key | PreCalculus Key | Trig/Stats Key |

Summer Reading By Grade