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The Science Department works to ensure that each student achieves functional level of scientific and technological literacy, and that, through his knowledge of science, each student be awakened, challenged and, ultimately, rewarded by better understanding, appreciating, and respecting himself, others, and the universe.

In the science curriculum, each student becomes familiar with a basic set of fundamental facts, a body of knowledge to be used as a resource in solving or analyzing life problems. Beyond these specific facts are the values and attitudes that guide the application of acquired skills. As such, in-depth discussions of moral and ethical issues related to science receive serious attention throughout the curriculum. Students come to appreciate more fully both the positive and negative potential of science in an increasingly complex and technical world.

Even in a rigorous learning environment, care and support play a fundamental role. The science classroom is therefore a dynamic place where participation and academic risk-taking are encouraged, where confidence is built and maintained, and where the learning experience is shared. Teachers attempt to provide a positive example of excitement and openness to science as students develop their ability to analyze complex situations logically and rationally.

All Middle School students participate in a hands-on, two-year integrated general science course, which introduces astronomy and marine science in addition to laboratory topics in biology, chemistry, and physics. The science sequence in the Upper School begins in the ninth grade with Biology and progresses through additional laboratory courses in Chemistry and Physics. Honors and standard level courses are available in the Upper School. A second year of study at the AP level is available in each discipline for students who exhibit appropriate motivation and aptitude. Though students are required to take Biology and one other laboratory science prior to graduation, most students pursue at least three years of laboratory science in the Upper School.

Available Courses: