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The Mathematics Department offers a traditional college preparatory program that adapts to the developmental needs of each student.

Skills are taught through a traditional sequence of courses that exposes students to the fundamental concepts, operations, and functions of mathematics. Whether formally structured inside the classroom or within the Math Lab (a daily tutorial workshop where students at all levels receive extra help), faculty work to build a student’s confidence along with proficiency in problem solving in a challenging and nurturing environment. As students experience success in learning mathematics, they grow in appreciation of its usefulness. Upon graduation, a St. Sebastian’s student will be a mathematically literate and a critical thinker, well prepared to succeed both in a rigorous college setting and in our increasingly technological world.

All students elect at least one mathematics course each year. Beginning with Algebra I, courses are offered on both honors and standard levels. Course offerings in mathematics include AP Statistics and AP Calculus at both the AB and BC levels, as well as AP Computer Science. All students who study at the advanced placement level must take the AP exam in May. The results on these exams in recent years have been impressive, with the vast majority of students earning 4’s and 5’s.

Available Courses: