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Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Department endeavors to inspire appreciation of and participation in the fine and performing arts, encouraging each student to celebrate his individuality, develop his creativity, and enhance his positive perception of both himself and the larger world.

Initial engagement in the arts is experiential, enabling each student to discover for himself how artists create. Further study introduces significant work in drama, music, and studio art, improving each student's ability to perceive and evaluate art critically. The student's experience of art as both creator and critic contributes to an enriched perspective from which he will benefit throughout his life.

In the required two-year Middle School course, students are exposed to four main fine arts disciplines. The Upper School program builds on each student's broad previous exposure to the arts, delving deeper into the areas of studio art and music. By the time of his graduation, each student who joins the School in the seventh grade can expect to have completed at least three full years of study in the fine arts. Opportunities for AP study are available in studio art, art history and music.

Perhaps more than any other department, the Fine Arts Department is inextricably linked to the extracurricular life of the School. The Drama Club, with the participation of girls from neighboring schools, stages two major productions each year: a full-length play in the fall and an evening of one-act plays in the winter. Canonical, contemporary, and musical plays have all been staged with great enthusiasm and success. For our annual Spring Revue, students write and direct their own short plays and skits. Students with musical interests are encouraged to supplement their coursework by participating in vocal and/or instrumental groups, which perform regularly during the year. A student-centered liturgical music group plays an essential role in the celebration of monthly Masses. The work of student artists is frequently put on display for the benefit of the School community and in recognition of the artists themselves.

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