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College Counseling

A successful college search, application, and ultimately matriculation depends on three things: thoughtful, openminded reflection about a student’s strengths, accomplishments, and aspirations; proactive communication among students, parents, counselors, and colleges; and an organized, timely approach to all college-related activities. The college process yields the most positive outcomes when students engage fully, taking the lead on this educational journey, in order to develop the tools, they will need to have a successful and fulfilling career at a college appropriate to their individual strengths and interests.

Our college process begins in earnest in the junior year. Students are assigned a counselor midway through the year. Through individual and group meetings, we embark on a two-way exchange of information; conversations start broad and ultimately narrow over the next 10-12 months to yield a carefully curated application list and finally an enrollment decision.

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College Admissions Representatives:

St. Sebastian’s is pleased to host admissions representatives in-person or remotely. If you would like to schedule a visit, please contact Trish White at We will look forward to seeing you!