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One of the most valued aspects of a student’s experience at St. Sebastian’s is the quality of relationships formed between students and faculty. Often the faculty member with whom a student connects most significantly is his advisor.

Faculty advisors play an instrumental role in helping each student to navigate all aspects of a St. Sebastian’s education. Advisors form a sacred partnership with students’ parents, serving as an important resource for questions, concerns or that extra motivation needed to encourage a student to do his best or try something new.

In his first year, each student is assigned an advisor who serves as his guide in personal growth and academic development. The advisor often helps the advisee to prioritize and balance academic responsibilities and extracurricular activities. Advisor-advisee meetings are scheduled regularly, and students are encouraged to meet with their advisor whenever the need arises. As the advisor-advisee relationship reflects the unique personalities of the teacher and the student, continuing students are encouraged to select as their advisor the faculty member with whom they feel most comfortable.