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Adler Prioly '05

Degrees: B.A Architecture (Urban Studies concentration), Yale University
Currently attending MIT Sloan School of Management

Professional Experience:
Policy Analyst, Mayoral Administration of Cory A. Booker - Dept. of Economic & Housing Development (Newark, NJ)
Project Manager, New York City Dept. of Housing Preservation and Development - Multifamily New Construction (New York City, NY)
Research Assistant, Asian Migrant Centre of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
Research Assistant, New Haven Economic Development Administration (New Haven, CT)



Alumni Profile published in St. Sebastian’s Magazine, Volume IX, Issue II of the (2013-2014)







What is your favorite memory of St. Sebastian's?

My favorite memory is of a basketball game during my freshman year. At halftime we were way down. Our coach gave us a talk that really motivated us. We came out in the second half with a vision and a will to win, and we did. Even those of us not playing were cheering for our teammates. That game was a great example of the type of resilience that we demonstrated throughout the season.

If you had to describe St. Sebastian's with just one word, what would it be?

“Brotherly.” The faculty and administration foster an environment that builds a sense of brotherhood. By senior year, I felt strong connections. I saw it in my own class, and I saw it in the classes that came before and after me.

What values did you gain at St. Sebastian's?

Many. But one comes to mind. As our Headmaster likes to say, strive to “Love God, work hard and take care of one another.” It’s hard not to strive for a mission that is so clearly articulated.

How did your time at St. Sebastian's impact your career and who you are today?

I would stay in the art studio some nights until 6 o’clock in the evening. Exploring the arts impacted my decision to pursue architecture in college. I also played basketball, soccer, wrote for nearly every school publication, including The Walrus and The Quiver, played the flute in the jazz band and participated in all of the musicals. Exposure to so many different activities helped me fully experience and express how to be the person that I am in different contexts. Delivering chapel speeches, taking the honor code before quizzes - all of these exercises helped me learn how to approach many different professional and life situations.

What has been the greatest lesson you've learned in your current job?

I have learned how to be an effective communicator. I have had to work across the private and public sector and with all levels of management. I have learned to be sensitive to what different stakeholders need to understand in order to execute a project. It is a skill that I want to continue honing because it is so integral to day to day at work.

What advice would you give to younger alumni or current students as they pursue their own career path?

Talk to people. I talked to as many different people as I could in the professions that I was considering and learned what people actually do every day. These conversations helped me gain tremendous insight. In fact, the advice and recommendations of others gave me a better sense of direction and helped me figure out that I wanted to pursue community development finance.

What has been the most gratifying part of your work?

I am passionate about urban economic development. I have had the opportunity to execute projects from start to finish that have improved communities, from Newark to New Haven, with tangible results.

For example, I have worked on real estate transactions that have created hundreds of units of housing. I have also managed and developed programs and financial resources that have helped hundreds of local residents to access employment. I have seen these projects revitalize communities, improve neighborhoods and change lives.

What’s next?

I will be attending MIT Sloan School of Management to begin my business curriculum this fall. There is a significant need for economic development in cities, and I want to leverage the resources at MIT to learn how to elevate my previous scope of work to a higher level. In the long-term, that means that I will be working on community development finance, business growth and job creation.