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This two-week workshop serves as a fun and engaging introduction to biotechnology. Students will learn multiple aspects of biotechnology, such as molecular biology and biochemistry.  Students will begin by making transgenic organisms by introducing a jelly fish gene into bacteria, transforming them into bacteria that glow in the dark.  Students will explore the cutting-edge gene editing technology CRISPR while changing the sequence of a bacterial gene.  These genetically modified bacterial cultures can then be scaled up to produce the protein of interest from the edited gene.  Finally, students will be able to purify the protein produced from their CRISPR edited gene and in the process gain hands-on experience in chromatography and electrophoresis.    


August 5-16


$615 per student


9 AM - 12 PM


St. Sebastian’s School
1191 Greendale Avenue, Needham, MA
(conveniently located just off Route 128 at Exit 33)


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