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Donors Recognized at Leadership Reception

Donors Recognized at Leadership Reception

The annual Leadership Reception was held on Thursday, September 21. The large crowd of over 250 parents, alumni, parents of alumni and grandparents gathered under a tent on the West Campus fields to celebrate the tremendous generosity and support of our Leadership donors.

Fr. John Arens started the program with a prayer and was followed by Board President, Jim Elcock '77, P'08. Jim addressed the attendees stating, “I can’t thank you enough for your tremendous support of the School in so many ways.  As I look around, at this sea of faces, I see so many exceptional stories of generosity and philanthropy.  Each person here has contributed directly to the evolution of this magnificent institution that is St. Sebastian’s today.”

Faculty member Jeff Riemann, English teacher and director of grades 7 and 8, spoke about how funds given to the school enabled him to continue his learning at the Bread Loaf School of English in both Vermont and England. He spoke of his gratitude towards the donors and how he brought back everything he learned and put it right back into the students to better their learning experience. Jeff stated that…“This is a student-centered school. It’s not about the adults here. But with that said, I and many other faculty members have directly benefitted from the generosity and support of parents and alumni. Our job is to take what we receive and funnel it back into the students.”

After a slideshow, which featured images of the Burke family across the decades, Bill and Patty rose to the podium and breathed vibrant life into our year’s theme of LOVE, both sharing how blessed they are – and have long been – to be in this rich and wonderful place of spiritual depth and academic rigor with excellence in the arts and athletics – all in a community of tremendous joy! Patty shared the happy memory of reading the first set of grades and teacher comments for their oldest son, Will ’95, who had entered our 8th grade in the fall of 1990. Both amazed and delighted was she by how well our gifted educators had come to know Will in just a few weeks!  As Bill is wont to say: “You can’t fake love.” 

Thank you to everyone for supporting St. Sebastian's School!