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Curriculum Night Showcases St. Sebastian's Academic Rigor

The St. Sebastian's School Admissions Office hosted its second open house of the year, Curriculum Night, on Thursday, November 29, providing prospective students and their families the opportunity to enjoy in-depth discussions of the School's curriculum with current students, recent alumni, parents, faculty, and Headmaster Bill Burke. Tours of the newly opened West Campus Center were also offered.

The evening began in Ward Hall with Fr. John Arens delivering an opening prayer, followed by Headmaster Burke welcoming everyone in attendance and offering his remarks to the guests. Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, Greg Wishart, explained the agenda for the night and thanked everyone for coming.

Prospective families toured the School, joining current students and faculty to participate in panel discussions covering St. Sebastian's curriculum: Faith & Reason, Writing & Speaking, Mathematical Reasoning, and Scientific Inquiry.

Thank you to all who helped make the evening an informative and welcoming experience for visiting families:

Faith & Reason
Panelists: Fr. John Arens, Mr. Marlon Matthews '14, Robby Smith '19, and Gianluca Centola '24

Writing & Speaking
Panelists: Mr. Chris Lynch, Mr. Stephen Karol '17, Anthony Perez '19, and P.J. McKeigue '22

Mathematical Reasoning
Panelists: Mr. Jim Rest, Mr. Michael Calabro '16, Nate Kocho '19, and Timmy Souza '22

Scientific Inquiry
Participants: Mr. David Wilbur, Mr. Adam Andrew, Mr. Ben Brown, Mr. Andrew Conway '06, Mr. John Ryan, Mr. Ryan Sanderson '12, Mr. David Thomas '94, Ms. Olivia Ulhman, Mr. Matt Willey and current students

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