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2021-22 Winter Athletic Awards

2021-22 Winter Athletic Awards

St. Sebastian's School is proud to recognize its student-athletes for their performance on the Arrows varsity basketball, hockey, wrestling skiing, and squash teams. Awards and letters were given on March 8, 2022, during the Winter Athletic Awards Assembly. Congratulations to all our athletes on an incredible season!


ISL Basketball MVP
Trevor Mullin

ISL All League

AJ Dybantsa ’26

Jaylen Harrell ’25

Trevor Mullin ’23

ISL Honorable Mention

Cooper Wright ’23

Fr. Daniel J. Gilmartin Award
Given by the coaches to the St. Sebastian's Basketball player who possesses the qualities of commitment, teamwork and outstanding attitude.
Mark Newell ’22

Trevor Mullin ’23, Zion Simmons ’23, Cooper Wright ’23 


ISL Hockey MVP
Brendan Gorman ’22 

ISL All League

Mike Callow ’22

Will Elias ’22
Brendan Gorman ’22
Nolan Joyce ’23

ISL Honorable Mention

Mike Cataldo ’22

Jayden Grier ’22

Ryan Kazmouz ’22
Teddy Mutryn ’25

Jack Doherty Award
This award is presented to the member of the St. Sebastian's Varsity Hockey team whose commitment to excellence and devotion to the game has repeatedly been evidenced by aggressive and spirited play and selfless contribution to the total team effort.
Mike Cataldo ’22



O'Malley Family Award

Given by the coaches to the wrestler who most exemplifies commitment, willingness to learn, and enthusiasm for the sport of wrestling.
Eddie Ryan ’23

ISL All League

Landon Bailey ’23

ISL Honorable Mention

Luis Sosa Espinal ’25

Hans Vigener ’22
Eddie Zhang ’24

Landon Bailey ’23, Eddie Ryan ’23 


Teddy Gleba ’23, Patrick Sliz ’23


James Ko ’24, Dhaniel Ramos ’23