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Robotics Team Participates in First Scrimmage of the Year

On Friday, February 5th, the Robotics Team took part in their first scrimmage of the year. This year's competition format is unique in that it is done remotely, so Team 133 Arrows ran their robot on their own field and recorded their scores into an online scoring system. The most fascinating aspect of this year's remote format is that their robot is on the field alone, instead of with three other robots. In addition, they can only rely on their own robot to score points, as there are no alliances. For one of the first times ever in the history of the team, their ability to score points in the autonomous (pre-programmed) portion of a match is ahead of their ability to score during the tele-op (driver controlled) portion - and they used this to earn a 3rd place spot in the scrimmage. With the addition of a few more 3d-printed pieces going into the robot this week, the tele-op portion will be up to speed and they will begin to see the full potential of their robot at the next scrimmage in two weeks!

Students work on their robot.
A robot in action
Students prepare for a robotics scrimmage
A student fixes the robot