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St. Sebastian's Participates in First Ever DANEIS Virtual Debate Tournament

On Sunday, May 17th, three members of the St. Sebastian's Debate Team participated in the first Virtual Tournament in our League's history. The Tournament was sponsored by the Debating Association of New England Independent Schools (DANEIS) and hosted by The Hotchkiss School. Patrick McDonald '20, Alessandro Barbiellini '21 and Maxwell Surprenant '22 participated in the Advanced Division. Mr. Nerbonne and Mr. Palmaccio served as judges in the Tournament.

A very special and unique feature of this Tournament was the participation of students from DANEIS member schools from their homes in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Seoul.

Special thanks to Patrick who had to debate solo in order to make the schedule work. This is known in debate parlance as an "iron man". Congratulations to Alessandro and Maxwell for winning two out of their three advanced rounds, competing against primarily older and more experienced debaters. Kudos to Alessandro for placing 6th out of 24 debaters in the Advanced Division.

St. Sebastian's student participates in a virtual debate.
St. Sebastian's student participates in a virtual debate.