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St. Sebastian's Celebrates Foreign Language Week

St. Sebastian's International Club kicked off its celebration of National Foreign Language Week by hosting a special guest speaker, Dr. Régine Michelle Jean-Charles, a feminist literary scholar and activist who currently works as Associate Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures and African and African Diaspora Studies at Boston College. Dr. Jean-Charles spoke about her upbringing and how her interest in language grew into her vocation, which led her to studying French in Paris. She spoke about how studying language can expand your worldview for the better. She cited influential authors, such as Tony Morrison, who said “We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language. That may be the measure of our lives.” Dr. Jean-Charles shared" be a literature and language professor and someone invested in a learning of foreign languages, her words are also a testament to the importance of studying foreign languages because they teach us to think, to see, to be, and to do differently."

During the week, multi-cultural cuisine was served daily by Chefs Mike and Raffi, as well as the rest of the kitchen staff. The International Club also organized a number of events during the course of the week. Club members sold breakfast treats such as strudel, apple turnovers, and churros honoring Germany, Belgium, and Spain, and Italian ices in the afternoon. Daily world trivia questions were given during morning announcement, and games were also set up to celebrate a number of different cultures as well.

Thank you to our guest speaker Dr. Régine Michelle Jean-Charles, Chefs Mike and Raffi and the kitchen staff, and to Shayna Gilman and the International Club.