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Sixty-six Students Inducted into the National Honor Society

On Thursday, October 29, Headmaster Bill Burke, Assistant Headmaster Mike Nerbonne, and National Honor Society moderator Sean Albertson inducted 66 St. Sebastian's students into the Sr. Evelyn C. Barrett, O.P. Chapter of the National Honor Society.

Assistant Headmaster Mike Nerbonne welcomed everyone in attendance and shared the following words:

For the ancient Romans the Latin word “honor” meant “high esteem or respect” or “Something which confers distinction”, or “a special honor or privilege”, or “that which inspires esteem, dignity, or grace.”

Over time the word “honor” for the ancients took on a new and important connotation which should be instructive in our own times.

“Honor” came to refer to a high public or political office, as in the phrase known well by our students of the classics, the “cursus honorum”, which referred to the sequence of public offices which a Roman citizen might hold over the course of a political career.

We hope in our own day and in the future, that the students whom we honor today and all of our students, will come to view public service, generous service to our nation in so many capacities, in the military or in politics, as a responsibility and a privilege which will require and inspire a sense of honor, and esteem and dignity and respect.

The National Honor Society aims to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, promote leadership, and develop character. Students with a minimum 85 percent grade average, who complete an essay application and have the support of their teachers and advisor, are eligible to apply for this honor.

Those inducted today include:

Class of 2021
Thomas A. Armstrong, Timothy J. Blue, Christian A. Casiano, Brendan K. Dumas, Declan J. Gray, Cameron A. Howell, Benen C. Kaczmarek

Class of 2022
Williams J. Adams III, Ryan P. Albertson, Colin C. Boland, Michael P. Callow, John M. Carroll III, Michael T. Cataldo, Matthew S. Choi, Michael C. Connelly, John G. Cox, Thomas C. Cronin, Kevin E. Cummings, Griffin K. Cusack, Charles S. DeMatteo, Nicholas J. Derenzo, Braedan P. Donovan, William M. Elias, John T. Flynn, Bennett T. Frisoli, Cormac K. Gallagher, Ryan W. Gallant, Brendan R. Gorman, Jayden J. Grier, Nicholas N. Grover, Andrew J. Hahm, Alexander S. Hartman, John G. Hentschel, Samuel B. Hinman, Martin F. Kane III, Dylan C. Knightly, Brian W. Luppy, Aidan J. Maguire, Gary J. McCall, Cooper B. McCann, Aidan C. McCarthy, William M. McInerney, Patrick J. McKeigue, Brendan A. Melley, Liam C. Muldowney, Mark J. Newell, Aidan E. Noonan, Matthew T. Noone, Kristian G. Nordby, Christian G. Pichay, Thomas E. Proia, Alexander L. Purpura, Thomas M. Scordino, Timothy R. Souza, Jack K. Sullivan, Maxwell C. Surprenant, Joseph G. Sylvester, Cole J. Szeman, John J. Toomey, Kevin S. Wakakuwa, Gavin G. Walsh, Richard C. Walsh, Paul F. White, Richard A. Wilz IV, Cormac F. Wright, Charles Z. Yang