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San Miguel Annual Field Day 2019

On Thursday, July 18, 2019, St. Sebastian's students, parents and faculty hosted our Annual Field Day for the students of the San Miguel School in Providence, RI. The group played games of soccer and flag football on our fields, and dodge ball and basketball in the gymnasia. They then enjoyed lunch and some indoor activities in Ward Hall.

Special thanks to St. Sebastian's parents Cathy Daniel, Thidie Donovan, Tina McHugh, Sandra McKeigue (who organized the entire event), Mary Beth Persons and Ethan and Jenn Sullivan for their very generous contributions of lunch for all of the participants and for ensuring that the day was a great success.

Thanks also to faculty members Brendan Sullivan and Jen Joyce who organized all of the activities for the day.

Finally, thanks to our St. Sebastian's students who helped to make this a very fun and rewarding day for the boys from San Miguel School: Ryan Albertson '22, Luke Brassard '23, Tim Browne '22, Teddy Daniel '20, Ryan Donovan '22, Jimmy Freehill '21, Brendan Fulham '23, Ben Kaczmarek '21, Colin Lapus '21, Joe Lawler '20, Brendan Melley '22, Jack McHugh '24, PJ McKeigue '22, Teddy McKeigue '25, Matt Noone '22, Jack Rideout '22, Thomas Scordino '22, Michael Van Flandern '20, and alumnus Dan Fulham '14.