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Reunion Brings 4’s and 9’s Back to Campus

Reunion Brings 4’s and 9’s Back to Campus

Reunion Weekend saw over 300 alumni from the Classes of 1952 to 2019 converge on Greendale Avenue to celebrate the shared bond of the St. Sebastian’s Brotherhood.  On Friday, May 10, under the leadership of the 50th Reunion Committee, Peter Galligan, Michael Gwynn, Frank Harrington, Steve Maskell, Michael McManama and Kevin O'Malley, the Class of 1974 celebrated together in Ward Hall. In honor of their 50th Reunion, the class raised over $100,000 and named the Coaches’ Locker Room in the Henry T. Lane Rink in memory of Frederick Sebastian Steele ’74, a classmate who collapsed on the ice during practice in their senior year and passed away.  

In addition to the 1974’s, the Classes of 1959 and 1969 celebrated their 65th and 55th Reunions in the Burke Family Center. Joe Tansey ’69 invited each of his classmates to share a memory of their time on Nonantum Hill – the stories get better every year!

The festivities continued on Saturday morning, when the Golden Arrows gathered in Martin Hall.  In recognition of these “giants whose shoulders we stand on,” Golden Arrow membership is reserved for alumni who have achieved their 50th Reunion and beyond. The Class of 1974 was welcome to the Golden Arrow Society this year. Six members of the Class of 2024 addressed the Golden Arrows, sharing their experiences at St. Sebastian’s as well as their plans for the future.  Matt Cataldo, Jonathan Demosthene, James Joyce, Dylan Lipof, Jack McHugh, and Eddie Zhang spent time with our alumni, highlighting the timeless Brotherhood that prevails at St. Sebastian’s.

Fr. John Arens celebrated the Alumni Memorial Mass in the St. Sebastian’s Chapel on Saturday afternoon. Michael Gwynn ’74 and Kevin O’Malley ’74 served as lectors and the list of Fallen Arrows from this year’s 4’s & 9’s reunion classes was read by Peter Rockett ’79. This annual role call is a prayerful remembrance of our alumni who have gone to their eternal rest.

Reunion events continued at the Cocktail Reception and Clambake on Saturday night. Before dinner, alumni, friends, and family gathered in the Class of 2017 Courtyard for a reception and class photos. The attendees enjoyed catching up over a dinner of clam chowder, lobster, chicken and steak tips in the Burke Family Center's wrestling room. The program included a slideshow of Photos from the reunion classes coupled with music hits from the era.  Head of School elect, Brendan Sullivan, welcomed the alumni back to campus, citing the School’s great history and the hope for the future.  Mr. Sullivan then introduced a video highlighting Headmaster Burke’s profound impact on St. Sebastian’s and shared a video that highlighted Bill Burke’s commitment to the faculty and students.  Headmaster Burke addressed the gathering, reminding everyone in the room of St. Sebastian’s higher calling and our lasting commitment to one another. Once in, never out. Arrows forever!

At the Clambake, the Class of 1974 was recognized for the largest Reunion Class Gift to the Alumni Fund, $103,370!  The Class of 2019 led the way in Alumni Participation with 63% and 52% of their class were in attendance at the Reunion!

Showing their true Arrows spirit, the following alumni were recognized for the extra effort to get back to campus from across the USA! Craig Bourassa '84, FL; David Slattery '95, FL;  Chris Conley '94, VA; Dennis Joyce '94, WA; Dan Ryan '94, WA; Christopher Anderson '99, IN; Todd Patterson '99, VA; Tom White '04, IL; Mike Hepburn '04, VA; Jim McLoughlin '09, IL;  Jay Daukas '14, CA; Conor Craven '14, Washington, DC; Joe O'Donnell '19, TX; Matt Behman '19, CO.

In a testament to the family atmosphere that exists at St. Sebastian’s, the following family members all share the 4’s & 9’s Reunion cycle; Steve Maskell '74 & Matt Maskell '09, John Fiore '79 & Joe Fiore '19, Peter Rocket '79 & Morgan Rockett '14, Jamie Curley '09 & Brian Curley '14.

It was great to see so many alumni back on campus. To all 0’s & 5’s, make your plans for next year’s Reunion in May! Once in, never out. Arrows forever!