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Mr. Willie Yandow P’20 Speaks to St. Sebastian’s Finance Academy

By Joseph M. Hamilton’21

On February 4, 2020, Mr. Willie Yandow P’20 addressed members of the St. Sebastian’s Finance Academy. During the presentation, Mr. Yandow informed us that he originally spent five years working as an engineer after graduating from the University of Vermont. He then decided to switch careers and attend Babson College for graduate school where he earned his Master’s Degree in Business Administration in 1993, with a focus on Finance and Entrepreneurial Business. After graduating from Babson, he worked at Deutsche Bank Securities in Boston for twenty years in institutional research sales, working his way up to regional manager and head of middle markets. After this, he spent three years restructuring the research and institutional product at William O’Neil and Company. Today, he is a portfolio manager for Monadnock Capital Partners, where they run high quality, highly concentrated equity portfolios. His job entails picking stocks and managing portfolios for clients. 

In Mr. Yandow’s presentation, he gave an overview of different types of investments, why we need to invest, the financial structure of different companies, the difference between bonds and stocks, the importance of stocks, and the reasons why someone buys or sells a stock. He stressed the importance of both supply and demand, and the idea that companies need capital to grow. He went on to inform us about how companies get capital through debt, bank loans, and equity. He also taught us that stocks move up and down because of supply and demand. He concluded by talking about different, major companies that he has invested in, and why he believes it is important for us to invest in stocks.

The Finance Academy members were honored to have Mr. Yandow speak with us and we will use the information from his presentation to make better investments in the future.