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Mr. Jay Feeney P'20 Speaks to the Finance Academy

By Timothy Williams '20

On Wednesday, November 20, Mr. Jay Feeney P'20 visited the members of the St. Sebastian's Finance Academy. During his presentation, he spoke about his roles as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer at BostonPartners and gave insight on how to invest money properly. Prior to working at BostonPartners in 1995, Mr. Feeney received his B.S. in Finance from the University of New Hampshire and his M.B.A. from the University of Chicago. He then worked for the Bank of Boston and Putnam Investments before co-founding BostonPartners with 33 other people.

Mr. Feeney talked about expanding BostonPartners from 34 employees to 165, with 5 offices and managing over 90 billion dollars worth of funds. He also mentioned that this puts BostonPartners in the top 30 companies in the country for handling the largest amount of funds, even above companies that are more well-known. 

Mr. Feeney then went over the basics of investing and gave advice regarding what companies to invest in, and what companies to pass on. His main three criteria for investing were the valuation of the company, the quality of the company, and the momentum of the company.

The Finance Academy members were honored to have Mr. Feeney come and speak and will use the information from his presentation to make better investments in the future.