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MIT Professor James Collins Speaks to Engineering Club

by Gabe Twohig '21, Engineering Club President

On Thursday, March 5, the St. Sebastian’s Engineering Club hosted its first event in Ward Hall. Guest speaker James Collins came in to talk about his life as a biomedical engineer. Mr. Collins is a professor of Biological Engineering at MIT and is one of the founders of the field of synthetic biology. Professor Collins spoke about how he found his passion for biomedical engineering as a result of his intense desire to help others and his love for math and science. He also gave insight into the numerous projects he and his research team have been pursuing, for example therapeutics to help elderly people losing their nerve responses and computer programmed designs capable of building the strongest antibodies to combat a specific disease. Through his talk, Professor Collins gave great insight into his field of engineering, and he inspired the students in attendance to continue to pursue their passion for engineering, which is what the club is all about.