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Life Skills Club Learns Automotive Maintenance Skills

On April 30, the Life Skills Club met outside of the Birmingham Academic Building to learn about how to take care of cars. Eric Ludwig, Director of Maintenance, and Paul Panetta, Assistant Director of Maintenance, were excited to teach basic automotive maintenance during the club's second meeting. Skills such as checking fluid levels and tire pressure, using jumper cables, replacing a flat tire, amongst others, were all reviewed. The students walked away with lots of useful knowledge and tips that will serve them well in the future!

The Life Skills Club was initiated by juniors Kristian Nordby and Colin Boland earlier this year and Mark Nelson, Matt Willey, and Stephen Salomone serve as faculty moderators. As the name implies, the club allows for students to learn practical skills. The first meeting of the club was focused on learning proper ways to format and write a resume, which was taught by Kristian's father, Hans.