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Latin Students Are Recognized For Achievements

St. Sebastian’s Classics Department distributed certificates this past week for those students who received awards for their performance on the 2021 National Latin Exam and for those who earned membership in the National Latin Honor Society by maintaining a 90 average over the first three quarters. Congratulations to all these award recipients!

The National Latin Exam has announced that Sebastian Culleton ’26, Liam Cunjak ’25, Michael DeMatteo ’26, Eamon McCarthy ’26, and Michael Rohatgi ’26 have earned perfect scores on the 2021 National Latin Exam. Taken annually throughout the United States and many other countries such as Italy, Spain, Japan, Germany, and Zimbabwe, the National Latin Exam challenges students with questions focused on translation, Latin grammar, English derivatives, and Roman culture and history. Their performances place them among the top 1% of all the Latin students taking the National Latin Exam throughout the world. Congratulations on a job well done!

Latin Honor Society

Class of 2021
Henry L. Gennari, Cameron A. Howell, Colin M. Lapus, Nolan T. McGovern, Max O. Samulka, Isaiah P. Stanfield, Mark T. Wilson

Class of 2022
William J. Adams III, Ryan P. Albertson, Matthew S. Choi, Michael C. Connelly, John G. Cox, Kevin E. Cummings, Griffin K. Cusack, Charles S. DeMatteo, John T. Flynn, Andrew J. Hahm, Martin F. Kane III, Dylan C. Knightly, Cooper B. McCann, William M. McInerney, Jack H. Rideout, Thomas M. Scordino, Kevin S. Wakakuwa, Richard C. Walsh, Paul F. White, Charles Z. Yang

Class of 2023
Charles A. Bacon, Alexander J. Baynes, Luke G. Brassard, Joshua A. Corbett, John Q. Daly, Matthew P. DeAnzeris, Scott G. Doherty, Kellen P. Donovan, Connor R. Dumouchel, John D. Faggiano, Benjamin N. Garrity, Theodore H. Gleba, Lars R. Gubitosi, Michael J. Kalinichenko, Jack R. Lordi, Reid M. McInerney, Trevor S. Mullin, Brett E. Porter, Alexander R. Roth, Edward T. Ryan, Caspar T. Touloukian, P. William Tryder, Edward T. Weiss, Alex W. Yang

Class of 2024
George E. Addona, Aiden J. Barclay, Raif S. Boit, Deven S. Carkner, Neal R. Carlson, B. Patrick Cooney IV, Rui Do Rosario, Quinn B. Feyler, Liam C. Field, Liam V. Gavin, Daniel E. Gillis, Benjamin C. Goffredo, James Y. Ko, Hugh H. MacArthur, Jr., Chase W. McCann, Max J. Proia, Michael J. Quinn, Michael A. Spalla, Matthew B. Sullivan, Cormac A. Walsh, Luke R. Ward, Edward B. Zhang

Class of 2025
Liam N. Cunjak, Maxim D. Kalinichenko, Thomas D. MacArthur, Benjamin G. Molinsky, Ryan Pat, Erik J. Saradjian, Dominic S. Scioli, Hugh P. Turner

Class of 2026
Alistair P. Cooper, Sebastian F. Culleton, Michael M. DeMatteo, Luca J. Faggiano, Dominic D. Funke, John Grimes, Oliver R. Manning, Brendan J. Matthews, Eamon J. McCarthy, Antonio Petruzziello, Michael A. Rohatgi

National Latin Exam

Summa Cum Laude

John T. Flynn '22, Paul F. White '22, George E. Addona '24, Raif S. Boit '24, Deven S. Carkner '24, Neal R. Carlson '24, Rui Do Rosario '24, Hugh H. MacArthur, Jr. '24, Chase W. McCann '24, Matthew B. Sullivan '24, Liam N. Cunjak '25, Maxim D. Kalinichenko '25, Thomas D. MacArthur '25, Alistair P. Cooper '26, Sebastian F. Culleton '26, Michael M. DeMatteo '26, Luca J. Faggiano '26, Oliver R. Manning '26, Eamon J. McCarthy '26, Michael A. Rohatgi '26

Maxima Cum Laude

Cameron A. Howell '21, Max O. Samulka '21, Mark T. Wilson '21, Charles S. DeMatteo '22, Cooper B. McCann '22, Liam C. Muldowney '22, Michael A. Spalla '24, Luke R. Ward '24, Benjamin D. Corbett '25, Erik J. Saradjian '25, Hugh P. Turner '25, Thomas W. Broderick '26, Nolan L. Dunphy '26, Dominic D. Funke '26, Cesar A. Hernandez '26, Joseph E. MacArthur '26, Brendan J. Matthews '26

Magna Cum Laude

Colin C. Boland '22, Kevin E. Cummings '22, Kevin S. Wakakuwa '22, Richard C. Walsh '22, Joshua A. Corbett '23, Alex W. Yang '23, Liam C. Field '24, Liam V. Gavin '24, Daniel E. Gillis '24, Cormac A. Walsh '24, Benjamin G. Molinsky '25, Ryan Pat '25, John Grimes '26, Carter J. Mays '26, Antonio Petruzziello '26, John E. Usechek '26, Andrew Zhang '26

Cum Laude

Nolan T. McGovern '21, Isaiah P. Stanfield '21, Ryan P. Albertson '22, William M. McInerney '22, Thomas E. Proia '22, Charles Z. Yang '22, Robert T. Craven '23, Matthew P. DeAnzeris '23, Connor R. Dumouchel '23, Benjamin N. Garrity '23, Brett E. Porter '23, Quinn B. Feyler '24, Peter J. Bachiochi '25, Jeffrey Q. Welham '26