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Latin Club Holds its Annual Certamen Night

Latin Club Holds its Annual Certamen Night

The Latin Club held its annual Certamen Night on March 28. Latin Club members formed teams to compete in Certamen, a game testing their knowledge of literature, grammar, history, mythology, and culture. Certamen Night helps St. Sebastian's Latin students prepare to compete in Upper Division (Latin III-V) and Lower Division (Latin I-II) Certamen at Holy Cross' Classics Day. Congratulations to the winning teams!

1st Place Upper Division
Team: Romanes Eunt Domus

Raif Boit '24
Deven Carkner '24
Chase McCann '24
Rui Do Rosario '24

1st Place Lower Division
Team: Victuri Te Salutant

Nolan Dunphy '26
Anthony Marcucci '27
Antonio Petruzziello '26