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International Club Celebrates Christmas

On December 14, the International Club gathered in Ward Hall to celebrate Christmas with an international flair. Many students contributed to the menu with food that represented their family’s heritage. Students contributed many dishes such as Armenian chicken kabobs, Asian dumplings, pasta al forno, Irish soda bread, Jamaica rum cake and Baklava among many others. Chef Mike Fuller and Chef Rafael De-Jesus rounded out the menu with more scrumptious dishes like Chinese roast pork. There were many sunshine plates! After sharing the meal, students participated in games like bocce ball, which originated in Italy and Hackey Sack, which began in Native American cultures as well as China and Thailand. International trivia and a blindfolded map game were also part of the game rotation. To conclude the evening, everyone enjoyed limbo whose origin is from Trinidad and took a crack at a piñata which was discovered in China by Marco Polo and made its way to Italy, Spain and finally to North and South America where missionaries used it to attract converts to ceremonies. A great time was had by all!