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Innovation Lab Used to Make Face Shields & Ear-Savers

Innovation Lab Used to Make Face Shields & Ear-Savers

St. Sebastian’s Innovation Lab has been put to good use, making face shields and ear-savers for essential workers. The idea was the brainchild of seniors Aidan Garrity and Luke McKenzie who, independently of each other, reached out to Matt Burke, Director of the Innovation Lab, to see if the Lab could be used to make PPE. Aidan and Luke were hoping to do the work themselves, but with the school building still closed to students, they were unable to come into the Lab. Burke took on the project for them and executed their vision using the Lab’s 3D printers and laser cutters. He produced 25 face shields, based on a design approved by the National Health Institute, as well as the ear-savers – an addition suggested by Aidan - to provide some relief for those having to wear surgical masks all day.

The team worked with John Eaton, Director of St. Sebastian’s Service Program, to decide where to donate the items created in the Lab. “John had the great idea to get these safety devices to supermarket workers, unsung heroes leaving the safety of their home to provide our communities with necessary access to groceries,” shared Burke. On May 19, Eaton and Burke delivered the face shields and ear-savers to the Sudbury Farms branch of Roche Bros. in Needham. Thank you to Jay Roche ’77, P’17 and the Roche family for helping to coordinate this delivery! The project was a wonderful team effort and a great way to use our new Lab to help the community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Be sure to check out the time-lapse videos of the Innovation Lab in action below!

Time lapse video of ear-savers being made
A video of a face shield being made in the Innovation Lab
Supermarket workers with the face shields created in St. Sebastian's Innovation Lab