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Headmaster Burke Visits with Arrows Alumni at Duke

Headmaster Bill Burke had a chance to catch up with some recent Arrows alumni during his time in North Carolina last week. While attending the 127th Annual Meeting of the Headmasters Association, held at the Washington Duke Inn in Durham, NC, from February 5-7, Headmaster Burke connected with current Duke University students Luke Jones ‘17, Andrew Elcock ‘17,  Nolan Prince ‘19, Robert Lordi ‘18, and Billy Seidl ‘19. (Missing: Will Frisoli ‘19, and Michael Swirbalus ‘19)

The Headmaster Association is a group of 100 active headmasters and many retired headmasters from schools throughout the country. Members are elected by the membership. Headmaster Burke, who served as President in 2017, has been a member of the Headmasters Association since 1997.  Every year, he looks forward to reuniting with alumni studying at Duke while in Durham.