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St. Sebastian's Celebrates Unity Day

On November 5, St. Sebastian's faculty and students gathered to celebrate Unity Day. The event focused on Unity in Diversity and on this year's theme, Harmony, set by Headmaster Bill Burke. The purpose of this annual St. Sebastian’s tradition is to heighten our awareness of every person’s dignity and to strengthen the bonds that unite us so that all may grow in our capacity and resolve to know, to love, and to serve God and neighbor.

The day started off in Ward Hall with seniors gathering to listen to alumnus Sedale Threatt Jr. '03, an actor and current St. Sebastian's Varsity Football Quarterback Coach. The presentation was live-streamed to other grades as they watched in classrooms. Sedale touched upon one of the most difficult days of his life, while he was a student, and how the brotherhood at St. Sebastian's, a group of young men from different backgrounds, stood by him in support. On the St. Sebastian’s campus that day he found his family, his brothers and unity. Students then broke off into small groups to discuss Sedale's speech together.

Highlighting the theme of “Harmony” was a musical performance of “This Little Light of Mine” by Classics teacher Stefan Cressotti who played the harmonica and his homemade banjo. The song was a favorite of Thea Bowman, the subject of this year's All School Read, “Thea's Song.” Stefan talked about his love of music and how he was in a band in college that was made up of a diverse group of people from different races and nationalities that was brought together through the commonality of music, specifically Americana music.

To close out the morning, students gathered in the wrestling room and both gyms for a fishbowl exercise. In the exercise, a small group of students would tackle a subject and discuss it amongst themselves while the rest of the group sat around and just listened. After a few minutes, the “fish” and the observers would swap positions.

Thank you to Sedale and Stefan for your words of wisdom and talents shared with the St. Sebastian's community.