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Gaurav Rohatgi P'23,'26 Inspires Engineering Club

On Wednesday, March 31, the Engineering Club hosted its second meeting of the 2020-2021 academic year. The Club welcomed guest speaker Gaurav Rohatgi, Life Sciences Lead and Director of Innovation Consulting at EPAM Continuum, a named inventor on over 15 patents and applications, and a father of two Arrows, Matthew ’23 and Michael ’26. Leading with prayer, Mr. Rohatgi kept his Catholic faith at the forefront of his lecture, pointing out how it provides reliable guidance in technologically and ethically complex situations. Mr. Rohatgi also spoke about various products he helped invent such as the Omnipod, which is a wearable system that offers needle-free insulin management. It is a wireless, waterproof, concealable alternative to traditional pumps that gives freedom to simplify living with diabetes. At the center of his presentation, Mr. Rohatgi pointed out three core traits that make up a successful engineer: passion, curiosity, and the nurturing of relationships. Through the example of Mr. Rohatgi, students saw firsthand how an engineer with these three traits can successfully help improve the lives of thousands of people. Mr. Rohatgi truly gave students a lot to look forward to in their future careers as engineers.