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Garin Arevian P’20 and Colin Connolly ’15 Speak at Finance Academy Meeting

by Max Samulka '21

Recently, Mr. Garin Arevian P’20 and Mr. Colin Connolly ’15 came to speak to the Finance Academy. Mr. Arevian and Mr. Connolly both work at Piper Sandler, an investment banking firm in Boston.  Mr. Arevian gave insight into what investment bankers do, including aiding in company mergers and acquisitions and helping companies go from private to public. Mr. Arevian also spoke about what skills investment bankers use regularly and about how to get into the field of investment banking. Mr. Connolly spoke about his journey from St. Sebastian’s to Piper Sandler and spoke about the daily life of an investment banking analyst. With their talk, Mr. Arevian and Mr. Connolly gave insight into the field of investment banking, helping members of the Finance Academy decide if they have interest in pursuing a career in investment banking.