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Freshmen and Sophomores Volunteer at the Miracle League

Freshmen and sophomores battled the heat for the opening day of the 2022 season of the Miracle League on May 14.

The Miracle League is a non-profit organization that gives children with disabilities a chance to play baseball as part of a team in an organized league at no cost to the child's family. The students traveled to Acton to help out.

Students who participated on May 14th were James Ko '24, Owen Lynch'24, Elliot Slayne '24, Aidan Connors '24, Ronan Massenburg '24, Hugh Turner '25, Luc Olivier '25, Travis Engel '25, Erik Saradjian '25, Matty Doherty '25, Daniel Yang '25, Bobby Keller '25, Cole Pastore '25.