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Fifty-Four Students Inducted into the National Honor Society

On Thursday, October 24, Headmaster Bill Burke, Assistant Headmaster Mike Nerbonne, and National Honor Society moderator Sean Albertson inducted 54 St. Sebastian's students into the Sr. Evelyn C. Barrett, O.P. Chapter of the National Honor Society.

Assistant Headmaster Mike Nerbonne welcomed everyone in attendance and shared the following words:

In reflecting on this year’s theme of faith, I came across a passage from St.  John Paul II’s brilliant encyclical Fides et Ratio in which he writes about the essential connection between faith and reason in the life and history of the Church.

“What is distinctive…is the conviction that there is a profound and indissoluble unity between the knowledge of reason and the knowledge of faith.

The world and all that happens within it, including history and the fate of peoples, are realities to be observed, analyzed and assessed with all the resources of reason, but without faith ever being foreign to the process.

Faith intervenes not to abolish reason's autonomy nor to reduce its scope for action, but solely to bring the human being to understand that in these events it is the God of Israel who acts.

Thus, the world and the events of history cannot be understood in depth without professing faith in the God who is at work in them.

Faith sharpens the inner eye, opening the mind to discover, in the flux of events, the workings of Providence.”

And so today we celebrate the pillars of the National Honor Society: scholarship, leadership, service and character and their inextricable connection to our year’s theme of faith.

We pray that the young men whom we honor this morning will live these same pillars with generosity, compassion and empathy and as the fullest expression of their faith.

The National Honor Society aims to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, promote leadership, and develop character. Students with a minimum 85 percent grade average, who complete an essay application and have the support of their teachers and advisor, are eligible to apply for this honor.

Those inducted today include:

Class of 2020
Thomas A. Flatley, Luke P. Garrity, Cole R. Hanifin, Christopher N. Hatem, Austin J. Persons, Evan G. Prince, Jack M. Torrence 

Class of 2021
Connor P. Arcara, Alessandro G. Barbiellini, John P. Bresnahan, Cameron M. Collins, Sean E. Duffy, Ryan J. DuFour, Lyndel T. Erold, Seamus C. Foley, James E. Freehill III, Samuel J. Frisoli, Carlos M. Garcia-Marxuach, Henry L. Gennari, William D. Goldman, Joseph M. Hamilton III, Edward D. Harrington, Brett T. Hogan, John M. Hornyak, David Jones, Jonathan D. Jones-Booker, Colm M. Kearney, Daniel Y. Ko, Colin M. Lapus, John E. Mahoney, Braeden P. McCabe, Nolan T. McGovern, Nicholas J. Merageas, Thomas J. Messineo, Aidan G. Mulvey, Conor T. Mynahan, Juan P. Oliva, Aaron N. Pace, Joseph D. Pandit, Will D. Perri, Michael C. Phelps, Steven A. Purpura, Timothy J. Ragnoni, Samuel J. Randall, Mark F. Rice, Lucas D. Rioux, Max O. Samulka, Isaiah P. Stanfield, Gabriel A. Twohig, Nicholas J. Vallace, Paul B. Vallace, Patrick J. Wade, Mark T. Wilson

Students look on during a ceremony
Students and parents during a ceremony.
Headmaster Bill Burke speaks.
Assistant Headmaster Mike Nerbonnne speaks during the ceremony.