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Engineering Club Hosts First Zoom Meeting

On Thursday, December 17, the Engineering Club hosted its first meeting of the 2020-2021 academic year. The guest speaker, Lindsey Kennard, a St. Sebastian’s graduate of the Class of 2008 and a founding member of the St. Sebastian's robotics team, spoke about his journey as a Software Engineer – a journey which will see him obtain his PhD in a few weeks’ time!  As a young Arrow with a passion for computers and gaming, Lindsey took the initiative to immerse himself in the world of programming by writing code on his calculator, coding robots, and pushing the limits of video games in an attempt to ‘crash’ them. Lindsey spoke about several of his recent projects, including his fascinating and complex cyber security doctoral thesis. Through his words and life story, Lindsey gave the students in attendance phenomenal advice on how to approach both college and the workplace in order to succeed as a Software Engineer.